Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Photo of the Day

The photo of the hail reminds me of how cold it is in Germany. Here's one from warmer times.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Copy and paste it works

Death Mask Next years Big Thriller:

At an archaeological dig in a barriada on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, a grave robber murders a Quechuan family to steal from a grave beneath their shack artifacts that will come to be regarded as those of Tupac Amaru, the last Inca of the powerful empire that once controlled a third of South America. In the robber’s haste he overlooks Tupac’s death mask.

The lead archaeologist and intern Bob Tilden, who can identify the grave robber, travel to Brazil, site of a rumored auction. They arrive too late but learn that a shady Portuguese has sold the artifacts to a mysterious, fabulously wealthy Egyptian.

Bob enlists the help of his former boss, Bill Holden, whose loyalty he won during their U.N. weapons inspection days in Iraq. Bill hopes that his contacts in the Middle East will lead them to the Egyptian. Together they fly to Saudi Arabia to consult with Bill’s steadfast friend Medhat. Medhat’s inquiries inadvertently alert the Egyptian and when they hear that someone is coming from Cairo to investigate, they flee into the desert on camels, surviving bandits and a deadly race to the Red Sea. They hire a boat to Egypt and contact a cousin of Medhat’s who works in a hotel in Cairo and is able to help them infiltrate a reception at the Egyptian’s.

They lure the Egyptian to the pyramids in Giza with an offer to sell him the death mask. Instead they kidnap him and exchange him for the artifacts. In cold-blooded rage, the Egyptian dispatches his sadistic assassin, Samir, to find them, recover the relics and exact vengeance.

Samir returns to Saudi Arabia and tracks down Medhat, who has fatalistically half-expected the assassin and manages to surprise and almost kill him before bravely succumbing. Samir takes up the scent again in Brazil, where he callously murders the grave robber after forcing him to reveal that one of the kidnappers works at the dig near Lima.

On a pitch-black night in the middle of the barriada, Bob’s loyalty to his friends is tested in a life-and-death battle against the paid loyalty of the assassin.

Photo of the Day