Thursday, October 11, 2007

Personal mission accomplished?

This is the first thing I've published here in almost three weeks. As I've explained to a few friends, I suddenly lost interest in "baring my soul" publicly in the blog way, even if quasi-anonymously (my going by a pseudonym and not knowing most of my readers).

Today one of those friends, the estimable Mr. Tom Sheepandgoats (who logs on the web as "Sheep and Goats"—what else?—at observed,
This has to be a first. A blogger who has achieved his mission statement [wasn't the goal at one time to find out who you were?] and, having done that, discontinues the blog since it has served its purpose.
As I gratefully told Tom,
I hadn't thought of it like that—having achieved my mission—but that could be it! In fact, maybe I'll start thinking of it that way, which is a lot cleaner and more cogent than my fuzzy thoughts about it have been up to now.
Who I am—in one aspect at least—was fairly plainly revealed in my post of September 9, "All in or All out." I blogged for only two more weeks before desisting. Personal mission accomplished, reason for blogging fulfilled? Appears so.