Thursday, February 24, 2011

And today's champion

Today's champion is the reason someone just gave his boss and colleagues for not going to work today:
I've looked all over but so far have been unable to find my car keys. I know, rates right up there with my reason for not going to work at IBM one day's being that I had pizza in my ear (from throwing up dinner the night before in ER after suffering a head injury from a fall on ice). But that's why I missed my commute van this morning....
    Ooh, my wife and dog just returned from their walk, and she had put my keys in her pocket by mistake. Anyway, the price of gasoline being what it is, etc. (plus, mainly, there being nothing I need to do today that requires my being in my office at work for), I'll work from home today. Send me anything you need done electronically. Thanks much.


  1. It's happend a time or two when Ruth went to work with my set of car and house keys in her purse. Good thing I had an extra front door key made. I suppose I could always sneak out of the patio door.

    I won't send you anything electronically that you already have (grin).

  2. This was actually the first time this has happened here. My wife is so careful that I didn't even think of the possibility that she may have taken my keys until after I'd spent ten minutes looking all over for them, including going out into the back yard to see whether they may have fallen out of my pocket when I extracted a plastic bag to pick up dog poop. (Yes, our household is that domestic.)
        Anyway, it gave me not only an excuse to work at home today (as if I needed one), but also a blog post, so I can't complain too much. But now I have to decide whether to save the one I was contemplating, or post a second item later today. It's on a line from a Bob Dylan song....

  3. Hello there,

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  4. No, Alex, you may not, at least not until you tell me what "information from this post right above" you may be referring to and for what general purpose you propose to "use" it.
        Note that Blogger flagged your comment as probably spam, and I have to admit it does have a certain air of junkiness about it. Are you engaging in the antisocial activity that I believe is termed phishing? 'fess up now, Alex; time to come clean and get right with Jesus.

  5. Wow I thought the post was funny. Then I read the comments!

    Matt lost his keys one time, including keys to the office building where he worked. He was so mortified to have to go to the boss and say he had lost the keys! This was back when he and Mark lived together and Mark and Polly were dating. MONTHS later it turned out Polly had the keys in her purse the whole time.

  6. I trust that Polly gave the keys back to Matt? <chortle>
        I told your mother about this and she told me about the time that she and you went to visit Anita. Both your mother and Anita noticed that you were playing with Anita's keys, and that was fine. But later, after you and your mother had returned home, Anita came down and asked whether you'd seen her keys....
        I don't suppose you remember taking Anita's keys home with you; your mother said you were about two at the time!