Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools Day

From recent correspondence

Edited by Morris Dean

Could this announcement be a joke for this special day? “Hull set for City of Culture mass nude photograph” [BBC News, May 30] Excerpt:
Hull has been chosen as the latest place to stage a mass nude gathering, all in the name of art.
    Internationally-renowned photographer Spencer Tunick is to create a new work there to celebrate its year as UK City of Culture.
    The gathering is to be photographed in the East Yorkshire port on 9 July, with the resulting work unveiled in 2017.
    Organisers hope hundreds of people will strip to become part of the work, entitled Sea Of Hull. [read more]
“It’s Cherry Blossom Season” [Flipboard]
A cockatiel drinks the nectar of a Yoko cherry blossom
in Ueno Park, Tokyo
[See more photos]

Grateful for correspondence, Morris Dean

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