Tuesday, May 10, 2016

“Dead Calm Ocean,” painted by Shirley Deane/Midyett

“Dead Calm Ocean” (detail)
By Vic Midyett

We met a young couple (Mitch and Grace) in Southern Queensland a few years back, not long after we started our gray nomad journey around Australia. They showed up again in Northern Queensland, in Walkamin, where we spent a few months. These kids were insistent that we visit them in their little town on the Southern tip of Toora, Victoria, which we did, and met their whole family and had a wonderful, loving time.
    After we returned to Western Australia, they even flew over for a friend’s wedding and made a point to catch up with us again here in Fremantle.
    A month ago Mitch and Grace sent us by emailed, for Shirley to paint, a favorite shoreline picture they had taken during their travels. They want to hang it over their mantle piece in an old house they have just renovated to live in (Mitch is a carpenter/builder).
    Young folks like this truly give us hope for the stability of the future. They have good, solid values. Here is the painting of a dead calm ocean they asked Shirley to paint.

“Dead Calm Ocean” (1'x2')

Copyright © 2016 by Vic Midyett & Shirley Deane/Midyett


  1. Yes mate you sure do meet some nice people on your travels 1 nice lady we met still believes in Santa and I have a letter to prove it

  2. The painting is wonderful and beautiful. It is an eerie feeling to see the ocean in that state.
    My love to you both - Judy W.

  3. Thank you Judy. Our love to you both too.