Sunday, June 12, 2016

By popular request

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From recent correspondence

Edited by Morris Dean

Since you are open to requests [“More politics, religion, and (by analogy) sex,” Friday June 10], I would like to request that we hear more from other members of your staff as well as from Kyle Garza. For example:
  • More reviews from Jonathan Price
  • More wilderness & music articles from Chuck Smythe
  • More political and cultural commentary from William Silveira
  • More farm ruminations from Bettina Sperry
  • More letters from across the Pond from Penelope Griffiths
Only New Guinea has these birds living in the deep rain forests. It has taken years to track these birds and study their existence:

Carbon dioxide & hydrogen sulfide gas are captured...
dissolved...and piped to injection shed
We need this. “Iceland Is Turning Carbon Emissions Into Stone” [Katharine Gammon, Take Part, June 9]. Excerpt:
Four years ago a power company in Iceland set out on an ambitious project to stick carbon emissions into the island nation’s basalt bedrock and keep them there.
    On Thursday, the company announced that it has succeeded, reporting that 95 percent of the carbon stored underground at the Hellisheiði power plant, near Reykjavík, has mineralized less than two years after being injected into the earth.
    “This is a really significant result,” said Roger Aines, a geochemist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who was not involved in the study. “It’s a way of storing carbon dioxide underground that prior to this research was thought to be too slow to be useful.”
    When researchers and policy makers talk about carbon capture, they’re usually referring to injecting pure carbon dioxide into the earth’s crust–or deep in the ocean. The problem is that the gas can seep out. [read more]
A duck was standing at the side of a road gazing at the other side when a chicken walked by and said, “I wouldn’t, pal – you’d never hear the end of it.”

Grateful for correspondence, Morris Dean


  1. Hey, Jon, Chuck, Bill, Bettina, Penny, are you reading this? Wow!

  2. Yes!! By the way, my ducks do cross the road.