Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Preliminary response to the reader survey

How to follow us by email

By Moristotle

Thank everyone who has already taken the survey [“SURVEY: Tell us how you read & comment on Moristotle & Co.”], which will continue for a few more days.
    Several respondents indicated that they would like to know how to sign up for email notifications. It’s easy, and I have made it even easier by temporarily positioning the “Follow Moristotle & Co. by email” gadget near the top of the sidebar, just below the one you would use to like our Facebook page:

Note: you may need to view us on your computer in order to see the sidebar, although I recently learned that, using my iPhone I can click “View web version” at the bottom of a web page and be shown both columns!

    Simply fill in your email address and click Submit! You should receive an email from FeedBurner to confirm that you want to receive email notifications, and after you have confirmed, you will start receiving email notifications. Enjoy!

One survey respondent pointed out that it’s more difficult to comment if you don’t have a “Google ID.” And a lot of people don’t have one simply because they don’t use Gmail or Google+, or they don’t have their own blog. When you do have a Google ID, it automatically fills in as the author of your comment when you open the comment window.
    Otherwise – that is, if you don’t have a Google ID – you have to go select “Anonymous” or “Name/URL,” which for many people is a hassle.
    But you don’t need to use Gmail or Google+, or have a blog in order to have a Google ID. (In fact, many such people do have one, just in order to make commenting easier for them.)
    To get a Google ID, simply set up a Google account, which (to quote Google’s definition):

gives you access to Google products like Gmail, Google+, YouTube, and more with a single username and password. When you create a Google Account, you can use that same username and password to sign in to any Google product
including Blogger to make a comment on Moristotle & Co.!
    To create a Google Account, go to the Create your Google Account page.

And finally, if you haven’t taken the survey yet, you can still access it (on SurveyMonkey) by clicking on this link. Please hurry – we will close the survey in a few days. It takes only about ten minutes, or less.

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