Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New year’s exercise

By Moristotle

After doing 150 reps on the strength machines at my local fitness center this morning, I noticed an MMA (mixed martial arts) poster on the wall next to the chalkboard extolling us to honor our exercise habits. Allen Crowder, whom we interviewed on October 31, 2012, has a fight coming up later this month. The interview was long before he turned professional and became a leading poster boy, and he frequently checked in with us for our old First Monday with Characters column.
    Keep in mind that mixed martial arts fights aren’t Trumped-up like the fake contests of World Wrestling Entertainment. Allen has been knocked out, had eyes blackened and ribs bruised, and a few of his opponents have suffered worse from him. For real.

    Just as I was reaching for my iPhone to photograph the poster, Allen himself tapped my shoulder and invited me to attend the fight. (His father owns the fitness center.) Allen had never looked so happy and confident, or even this assertively out-going.
    “Ha,” I said, “not my venue, I’m afraid. I’m your fan from afar – couldn’t abide the noise of the arena. But I’ll want to watch the video.”
    “I’ll send it to you,” he said.
    We smiled at each other and clasped hands. He went on, I took the photo, and then walked the mile back home – the other component of my new resolve to walk to the gym five times a week (rather than three) and never do fewer than 150 reps on selected strength machines when I do.
    The reps I’m sure I can manage, but the five is already in jeopardy, and 2017 isn’t a week gone.

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