Saturday, July 8, 2017

Me (a sonnet)

By Eric Meub

[Originally published on February 13, 2016]


It’s true, Lake Lagunitas sparkles like
the windows at Bulgari, but, as I’ve
remarked before, you idolize your hike,
why can’t I idolize Rodeo Drive?

And I agree, a giant redwood has
an urban grandeur, and in spite of fog,
Sonoma and Marin are pretty as
the latest Crate & Barrel catalogue.

But while the woods may be a match for, say,
a crowded Music Center symphony,
the difference is: your trees (unlike LA)
are not as equally impressed by me.

Imagine the safaris I can buy us.
Just let me be, for once, your Tamalpais.

Copyright © 2017 by Eric Meub
Eric Meub, architect, lives and practices in Pasadena. He is the adopted brother of the artist, Susan C. Price. They respect, in their different ways, the line.

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  1. Always enjoy your stuff Eric. An urban perspective. I'm nature boy myself but I know many folks who see beauty in the city.