Thursday, June 28, 2007

First-person report of a miracle

Did you ever have read to you as a child the story about the poor family whose food needs were met by the acquisition of a magic bag of potatoes? It has always been one of my own personal favorites in the fairy tale genre. At numerous times in my life blessings seemed to be showering down on me in a way that just didn't seem "real," in the ordinary cause-effect way. They really seemed like miraculous times.

And I realized today that I've been experiencing a time like that right now. What reminded me of it was my wife's announcement when I got home from work that she'd bought another pot today. It seems that she makes such an announcement most days. I got a new pot today. I got a new plant. I got some new shirts today. Some new socks, some new clothes. Had that picture framed. Had the roof repairman come today. Took Wally to the groomer. Took him to the vet again. Got a new pot, some new plants.

You see, I know what my modest pension brings in a month. I know what my modest salary from the State of North Carolina is. There's no way I can pay for all of this stuff. It's a bona fide miracle. My pension check and my salary check must be going into a magic bag.

It's wonderful.

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