Monday, August 24, 2015

Fourth Monday Susan Speaks

"circus with gandalf" (detail)
circus with gandalf

Susan C. Price

"circus with gandalf," August 15 (30" x 36")

Copyright © 2015 by Susan C. Price

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  1. That eye is so realistic, I feel compelled as I view this painting to find "the rest of the face." But there are multiple faces. I see a face facing right in profile, of which it's the right eye rotated extreme right. But it could be the right eye of the rose-lipped face that is facing me, in which case a black-clothed figure seems to be flying from its left eye – a figure reminiscent of the forward-facing white-bearded figure in the upper left in triplicate. But circus? Gandalf? J.R.R. Tolkien? My mind is blown. Help. Somebody else: what do you see, what do you see, what do you see?


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