Monday, August 10, 2015

Second Monday Music: Stringed humor

Quartet #2

Edited by Morris Dean

First violin: “Haven’t I seen your face before?” a judge demanded, looking down at the defendant.
    “You have, Your Honor,” the man answered hopefully. “I gave your son violin lessons last winter.”
    “Ah, yes,” recalled the judge. “Twenty years!” []

Second violin: What is the difference between the first and last desks in the 2nd violin section?
    About half a measure. [

Viola: Radio presenter, Tim Pollard, on BBC Radio Jersey, when introducing a piece of music by the well-known British composer, Eric Coates, said:
    “All Eric Coates ever wanted to do was to write music to entertain. But for a while he was a professional viola player.” []

Cello: A violinist noticed at the end of each rehearsal break, one of the cellists would look at the inside flap of his jacket before he sat down to resume rehearsal. This continued for several decades, and the violinist became quite curious about it. One day, during hot weather, the cellist took off his jacket and went off on break. The violinist waited until everyone was off the platform, looked around, and sneaked over to the jacket. He pulled back the flap and saw a little note pinned on the inside. It read: “Cello left hand, bow right.” []

Copyright © 2015 by Morris Dean

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