Monday, July 4, 2016

Another outing Down Under

Lunch at the fishing harbor

By Vic Midyett

Yesterday Shirley and I drove to an area of Fremantle that several years ago had some good restaurants. It’s where the Canning River and the Swan River meet. Sadly, high rise apartments and cycle tracks [bicycle lanes] had been built there, now eliminating what used to be good eating and good views.
    So we returned to the Fremantle fishing boat harbor, where we knew the views and the food would be good. Shirley had BBQ scallops and I Mediterranean squid. It was Sunday and the crowds were enormous. The day was crisp (60’s F) but sunny and most enjoyable.

    The multi-roofed building is the Kalis Restaurant, with a few of their fishing boats docked in front. Inside they also have a fish market where you can choose a catch to take home and prepare yourself.

    The blue boats are big, but the orange one in the background is huge.

    The outdoor tables in the shadows of the building and inside the building provide seating for well over 200 people. It took us 15 minutes to commandeer a table but lunch was well worth the wait.

Copyright © 2016 by Vic Midyett


  1. Nothing like eating it right off the boat!

  2. Vic, I have inserted "[bicycle lanes]" to exlain what "cycle tracks" are, but I just realized that I don't understand how they could spoil the view, unless they have walls along them to protect the bicyclists. Or maybe the lanes take up space that used to be available for outdoor tables at restaurants? Could you say a bit more about this? Thanks!

  3. Ha! They don't have far to go with their catch, boat to kitchen, huh Ed?

    Morris, the cycle tracks didn't used to be there at all, (no walls), instead small eateries. Now it's all cycle track and well cared for grass, not to mention the 20 floor apartment building more recently built.

  4. There also used to be a street to drive and park on with river front views. Most of this was due to the apartment building construction. While it's foot print is not huge, the grounds are nicely presented - just different and minus the eating options that used to be there.