Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Welcome Valeria Idakieva to the staff

By Morris Dean

With pleasure, we announce that Valeria Idakieva, the author of a series of articles about her trek across northern Spain along the El Camino de Santiago, has accepted our invitation to join our staff as a columnist. We have added an entry for her in the sidebar. Welcome, Valeria!
    Part V of her “El Camino de Santiago” appeared on July 12, and Part VI will be published next week.

And Geoffrey Dean’s contribution of advice and encouragement have been so generous and helpful, we couldn’t put off any longer moving his entry up from “Columnists” to “Contributing Editors.” We make this announcement with both pride and pleasure; Geoff is our son.
    And we take this opportunity to thank him publicly for introducing us to Valeria, with whom he worked at the International Chamber Music Academy in Kyustendil, Bulgaria before he relocated to the United States.

Copyright © 2016 by Morris Dean


  1. I love Valeria & Geoff's photos, and I look forward not only to Valeria's Part VI next week, but also to Geoff's next article, whether it be more about his historic garage, news of playing chamber music in Chicago, or his vision for the blog of which he is now a contributing editor....

  2. Wonderful news that you are both on board as regular contributors. Happy writing (and reading)!

    1. Thank you, Eric, for amplifying the welcome! Would that more of us did that.

  3. Replies
    1. THANK YOU, Suomi, Sauna, and Sibelius, for identifying who you are! (I know only one Christa.)