Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mary’s Voice: Posthumously speaking 11

Country barn

By Mary Alice Condley (1925-2007)

[Editor’s Note: Another painting of Mary Alice Condley came to the attention recently of her daughter, Karen Abbey, whom her (and my) cousins Richard & Joyce Frost told they had a painting. “Mary gave Richard & me this barn painting years ago and it proudly hangs in our hallway.”
    Mary’s painting of Morro Rock appeared here on June 30, 2015.
    Thirty-one paintings by Mary Alice Condley have now been shown on Moristotle & Co. Her daughter commented, “I never realized how many paintings Mama had done.” You can call up all 11 of the “Posthumously speaking” displays of these paintings by clicking on this link.
“Country Barn” (8" x 10")

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  1. Another painting of Mary Alice Condley (1925-2007)!
        And there'll be another on Thursday, although we have only a photograph at the moment, having so far been unable to discover who has the actual painting.