Monday, September 26, 2016

Susan’s Stuff: thanks, Oscar

“thanks, Oscar” (detail)
with help from a family on vacation in farmland

By Susan C. Price

“thanks, Oscar” was born of a painting that was lifeless, and did not “work.” i placed a loosely painted version of a family-on-vacation-in-farmland photo on top of that and...agonized, painted, painted over, and voila!
“thanks, Oscar” (22" x 30")
    the title is a reference to my father and our love of musical theatre and Oscar Hammerstein (who must stand for all the lyricists and composers of the genre) and the wide open spaces of...[come on! people you KNOW this!]....Oklahoma!
    ok, i am also showing you the photo it is based on...which is pretty funny in my book (why is my father wearing a tie on vacation? and how did my brother score a cool straw hat? and what is mom doing in a dress? i remember the fabric…she sewed all of her own and my clothes....) ahhhh...memories

Copyright © 2016 by Susan C. Price


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Belongs in a museum. I love Susan's process. I have never met an artist less precious about her work. It's a rare treat to hear her on this topic, albeit briefly: she's a doer of art, not a talker. Well done.

  2. Susan, that family photo strongly suggests that YOU were the older sibling, but I believe that your brother was (and is) two or three years your senior. I guess you were simply more mature. Does that still hold true? <smile>

    1. Yoo-hoo, Susan, are you there? Thinking of you this morning, as I eat my oatmeal and continue to wonder in amazement that 4.7 inches of rain fell in our yard last night, between about 6:30 and 10:30.