Saturday, December 3, 2016

Let’s seek new ways to do good

By André Duvall

While listening to WKNO Memphis (NPR for the Mid-South) on one of my many afternoon commutes, I recently discovered another artistic gem based in my city.
    WKNO’s “Checking on the Arts” segment, which highlights and promotes a broad spectrum of local creative organizations and events each week, interviewed a staff member from Chatterbox, and aired one of their recent “Thumbnail Theater micro-shows.” I was emotionally moved after listening to Excuse Me, Do You Have the Time? I am sharing the link here today for others to enjoy, and perhaps to be inspired to seek new ways to send goodness into the world. Anyone who has dealt with a family member, friend, or charge who is dealing with dementia will likely be able to relate on some level to this vignette.

Founded in 2007, Chatterbox Audio Theater “creates fully soundscaped audio works for free streaming and download. Most Chatterbox shows are recorded live, with manual sound effects and as little post-production editing as possible.”

Copyright © 2016 by André Duvall

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