Saturday, February 4, 2017

As the World Turns: Shit storm

By Ed Rogers

I keep waiting for the shit storm to settle down that was released the day Trump won the election. But it seems to get wilder each day – his team is even inventing words to explain the stink coming from the White House. How did Papa Bush— Or was it Reagan who called it a shining city upon a hill? We once knew it as the White House, but I believe it needs a new name now.
    I have been wondering about the people who think the new President is a genius. It’s hard to believe, but there are a lot of them – many more than I would have thought possible. What is bothering me is I’m trying to ascertain if they are crazy or could it be me? Crazy people don’t think they are crazy, so I guess it could be me. After all, he was elected President of the United States. In a way it is easier to believe I am insane and everything is going along just fine.
    If I lived on the West Coast, I could roll a fat one, turn on, and tune out – it worked for me during Nixon’s time in the White House. But now I live in the forward-thinking State of Mississippi. “Go Rebs!” “Hotty Totty!” (For those not in the know, those are cries of football fans at Old Miss.)

Going back to talking about what to do with the White House, I just had a great idea. Trump should move the Capitol to Mississippi. Things worked out very well for the last President that did that. And they have a lot in common; old Jeff didn’t care much for the Constitution either. Not to mention the fact that Trumper would be among his people. When you look at a map of the red States you can’t help but notice Mississippi is the reddest of them all. He would also enjoy the friendship of all the news outlets her – all but The Tri-State Examiner, which is a black-owned newspaper. I’m sure that wouldn’t bother Trumper, he would just have his boys burn down the building and hang the owners – that’s how we roll in Mississippi. The good old days have returned, “Hotty Totty!”

I have heard rumors that one of Mississippi’s US Senators is working on a bill to limit gun ownership based on a person’s race. Sounds like something Trumper can get behind. I would hate to be the troops sent to Chicago to take the guns back from the gangsters there. I have noticed that Trumper lives up to what he says he is going to do. He said he might have to send in the Feds to clean up the mess in Chi Town – maybe this would be the first step toward that goal. That would be scary as hell because he has no limitations. But like I said, maybe I’m crazy and everything is just fine.

The Prime Minister of the UK is catching flak for inviting the Trumpster for tea. I guess, unlike Mississippi, the Brits want nothing to do with him. I guess his overseas travels will be limited to Russia and Taiwan – I would think Mexico City wouldn’t be a friendly place for him to go right now. Maybe after the wall is built, and the Mexican people see how much it benefits them, things will turn around.
    Speaking of the wall, which he is going to make us pay for, I looked at a map the other day and it dawned on me that it is one big-ass wall he is talking about. I will be dead before they finish building the damn thing. Hell, Trump may be dead before they finish building it. And by the time it is finished large parts will need to be replaced because the ground will have given way from all the tunnels that are running under the foundation.
    I wonder how long before we see resignations start coming in from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Military have their own rule book; it is called the Code of Military Conduct. While I’m sure the Trumpster doesn’t give a damn about it, those Joint Chiefs have lived under its rules most of their lives. We have seen how Trump appreciates being told he can’t do something; we may see the first military coup of our country.
    What a wonderful time we live in. Until next time, remember, “Hotty Totty!”

Copyright © 2017 by Ed Rogers


  1. I'm crazy right with you Ed. And even in California we're mainly mad as hell (funny how mad is a synonym of crazy). Great article: thanks for making me laugh in the midst of the nightmare.

  2. Don't feel too bad Ed I often say political figures (remember Trump's NOT a politician, as if you could forget, like John Kerry was in Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam...echos), anyway most are neither as good as their supporters claim (never truer than in this case) nor as awful as their detractors insist. Is there any way for me to read your book without an ebook? Sounds like it's right up my alley, I was a member of that, ahem, culture for some years myself, witness my poem The Other Side of Me. I literally led a double life, especially when I cut my hair and was working my way up the corporate ladder, dodging drug tests and wearing suits and ties (the horror!). Can I buy a hard copy? Is there even a hard copy?

  3. Oh and don't misunderestimate those Southern boys, Chicago, Detroit, New York and it's all on the same street (G Dead 'Truckin') but they never had nothing on the South for corruption, bootlegging, dope smuggling and all the payola and bribery which comes with it.