Thursday, May 11, 2017

Floating on top

By Victor L. Midyett

Have you noticed that some folks go through life with little depth in their thinking? I have, at times, envied them. Their minds seem so much simpler than my more busy one, and seemingly less complicated. They appear to float on top of life.
    I have, however, made another observation about them. They do not seem to feel deeply about anything much. That is not to say they don’t feel emotional pain, because they do. Their comprehension of that pain, of its cause or roots, appears to be minimal. Their need to comprehend these things, even, appears to be minimal. But still, I tend to envy them.

Why do I want to know the “why” of these things – to know “how it became this way”? I guess, for some reason, it is more important to me to try and “figure it out” than it is to these other folks. They seem to just pass over it and...float on top.

Very dear to my heart are folks who have been affected by Down syndrome, although I have never personally known such people, only observed them. These beautiful people can be so different. Some are barely affected, others more so. But many years ago, at a young age, I came to a hypothesis about the ones I had observed that I am still comfortable with.
    Remember that I grew up in India for the first 17 years of my life and thus was surrounded by people of many other faiths, such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. I do not subscribe to the theology of reincarnation in the way the Hindus believe it, but if there is a version of it in God’s eternal universe, I strongly believe that Down syndrome folks will become celestial angels in their next incarnation. I believe that they are currently still human beings, but so very close to being angels. These sweet folks are 99% love. They exude love with no complications or reservations, they just go through this human life...floating on top. I will never know the truth of this hypothesis until I meet the Almighty, and perhaps not even then.

In the Bible it is written that Jesus said, “Now these three remain: Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.” –1st Corinthians 13:13.
    Do we have the luxury of choosing to “float on top” or to periodically confuse ourselves with deeper, more intense thoughts? I don’t believe we do. Have you ever seen a newborn or a very young child and thought, Wow, that child is an old soul. In my experience, the “old soul” is mostly observed in their eyes – the window to the soul.
    In the larger scheme of things, do I wish I were one of the Down syndrome treasures? Yes, but only if I felt I had learned enough of life’s important lessons. And of that, I am not certain.
    It is a beautiful thing we call life, isn’t it? With its smiles, cries, belly laughs, softness, heartaches, pains, deep joys, and nature’s magnificent wonders and beauties. I wish to continue experiencing more.
    Do I wish I could go through life “floating on top”? No. Do I sometimes wish I could? Yes. But this is my course. And I am content with it, with me.

Copyright © 2017 by Victor L. Midyett


  1. I also feel a Great Love for people who have Down's Syndrome. I have had many dealings in my life with them, and have to say this. A Person with Down's Syndrome, does not know what Hate is, they only know Love for others. Most do not know what trouble in this world or around them are all about, and depending on the Severity of their affliction, they probably do not care either. Wouldn't that mean a more peaceful life?
    In my experience working with them on different levels, the only thing they do feel is when someone is nice to them. If the person is not nice, then they are capable of hurt feeling. I have had a few ask me over the years why someone doesn't like them. How do you tell a person with limited learning ability that the other person just doesn't understand Love?
    I do not wish to go through life as they do, but I do wish I could find the Peace they have in their hearts. Don't we all wish we could go through life without worries?
    This story was well worded and pulled at my heart in ways that nobody would ever know. Thank You

  2. Oh my... how wonderfully you have supported my feelings and muses. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for expressing yourself AND taking the time to say what's in your heart, Vickie. This is "real" communication between human beings and not the clicks or two word responses in social media. Bless you, Bless you.

  3. Thank you, Vickie, for prompting me to comment also. I have had occasions of feeling a vast outflow of love myself, although I have always thought of these experiences as exceptional, "mystical" – not normal. Maybe it's reading Vic's column, and having my thinking prodded by it, but I had another such experience – prolonged, too – just this week, and it actually felt...normal, in the sense of not being so far off my own beaten track, but this time coming more naturally from the place I have arrived at in my life. But, since the place has the feeling of being my life now (and not just a place I occasionally visit), I have the sense that outflowing love has gained a permanent foothold in my life, in my psyche. The sense of permanence might have to do with the fact that I am in my 75th year and highly aware of my mortality, so I can't say that anyone, of whatever age, "ought" to be able to occupy a similar place. But perhaps a great teacher, a great psychologist of the human soul, could demonstrate that it is possible...?

  4. Thank you, Morris for sharing your thoughts of pure love learned over time. Blessings, my friend.

  5. Vic, thank you writing the thoughtful, thought-provoking articles that you write!

  6. Thank YOU for the outlet! I guess I don't 'float on top', huh?