Thursday, June 8, 2017

Adventures from Bulgaria: Questions without answers

Adventures from Bulgaria: Questions without answers

By Valeria Idakieva

In the beginning of April, after I had lost a friend in February, and my friend Dimitrinka, who had joined my adventures in the Rila Mountain (“In the Rila Mountains with a 70+”), suffered a stroke in March and was struggling for her life in hospital, I felt I was stifling in the city.
    The question of how you continue your life without dear people who were part of you was pricking my mind. I needed an escape from the city, and maybe the almighty nature was going to whisper some healing answers into my ear. The nearby mountains were still in the hugs of winter, and since I am not a winter lover I decided to head south for the town of Melnik and the outskirts of the Pirin Mountain. Melnik is a small town that has preserved its 19th century appearance with restored National Revival architecture, peace, and quiet.
    The steep, sandy pyramids around the town add to the picturesque view.
    In the morning I decided to walk to the Rozhen Monastery, which is about two hours away from Melnik. The path gains height little by little surrounded by the sandy pyramids.

    Beautiful views open up at the top of the hill.

    It was a lovely spring morning, with lilac trees filling the air with a sweet fragrance.
    I soon reached the monastery, walking through luscious meadows and trees in blossom.

    After a little rest in the monastery, it was time to go back to Melnik, which was offering me another peaceful and quiet evening.
    Did I get any answers? They do not come that easily, I guess. Like another friend said, I should accept that some people are not here anymore. How does this happen? Time will show. At least I was breathing a little more lightly and opened my eyes for the beauty of nature again.

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  1. Beautiful post, Valeria! I haven't been to Melnik in years. Thanks for taking me back there!