Friday, June 2, 2017

Seeking natural connections in New York City

By André Duvall

In April, I visited New York City for the first time. I traveled with an older friend, a former mentor/professor who lived in Manhattan as a young man and had returned to the city for visits many times over the years. In the five days I had available, I chose to tour museums and skyscrapers, experience cuisines of various ethnicities, observe the architecture of different neighborhoods, attend a concert, seek out nature/green spaces, and spend part of a day with a good friend of mine from Memphis who is currently living in Brooklyn.
    The different categories of things I listed resulted in many enjoyable experiences. Of these, I’ve decided to share photographs I took of the natural/green spaces. I replenish my mental energies in green spaces, and thus I feel a close affinity to them. In all of the hustle and bustle of the big city, as much as I enjoyed experiencing it for the week, I felt most connected to the natural spaces. Of course, I could only see a sampling of them, given that I had one week. But I managed to visit Central Park, the largest of them, twice, and wish I could have explored it every day.
    I include in this category of experience not only real-life green spaces, but also many of the pieces of art I viewed at the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was excited to see many impressionist works, such as one of the large, 3-panel canvases by Monet of water lilies.

Green Acre Park: a delightful, tiny park
in the Upper East Side within walking distance
of my place of lodging

Sunset viewed across the Conservatory Water in Central Park

Twilight at Conservatory Water

Morning somewhere near the south end of Central Park

Chess and Checkers House in Central Park

Trees showing early green along streets
in the Meatpacking District

Appealing array of flowering plants,
with tulips as the centerpiece, outside of a little
tea/sandwich shop called Little Prince

Madison Square Park

Washington Square Park [photo 1]

Washington Square Park [photo 2]

Greenwich Village

Cemetery at St. Paul’s Chapel

City Hall Park

Painting by Monet

Painting by Van Gogh

Copyright © 2017 by André Duvall

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