Saturday, July 28, 2007

Behold! Jingle Jangle

Today, even before the author got to see and hold the first copy of his book, his editor in Chapel Hill had that pleasure [click photo to enlarge it]:

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Published by Broken Bench Press, the book is on sale on the web. Broken Bench Press was founded to bring Jingle Jangle to the reading public. The name was chosen because the bench (our criminal justice system) is indeed broken. If you purchase a copy we are grateful to you. If you read and enjoy it, please tell your friends about it. Especially if you agree with its basic premises. We'll all benefit from repairing our criminal justice system.


  1. Have you gotten any feedback on sales yet?

  2. Some, but none yet that we're ecstatic to share. The book's shocking speculations will need to be noticed and picked up in the media for anything major to happen. Our experience with billboards in the Phoenix area (where, as you know, the murder was committed and Ray Krone was twice convicted of it without the benefit of having done it) has been such that we can't recommend them to other authors or publishers. At least, they didn't do much for us with this book.