Thursday, July 5, 2007

First-person report of two angelic interventions

On Friday I wrote to two people whom I told that an angel may have been prompted me to do so. One was my cousin Evelyn. I told her that I had thought of her so often lately, I wondered whether something was going on with her and her husband. She said that there didn't seem to be, but maybe the angel was prompting me to give her the occasion to remind me of the family reunion scheduled for this September in Nashville. Immediately upon reading this I had an inrush of feeling that indeed perhaps it was time for me to give up my rather wrong-headed, curmudgeonly stance regarding the get-together and...just go. I called all three of my surviving sisters and learned that the two of them who are physically able do plan to go to Nashville in September. Now I do too.

The other person I wrote to was my old boss at the University of North Carolina. He retired a few years ago and we've pretty regularly kept in touch. But I hadn't heard from him for several months. He wrote back that my timing was "amazing," for the very next day he and his wife were leaving town for six months....

Angelic inverventions? Perhaps. I like to think so. If this be religion, it seems to be only benign, no possibility of tyranny anywhere in sight.


  1. In most American Indian tribes they pray to their ancestors, whom they believe are in the spirit world looking out for them. If by chance when you cross over and if you find yourself in the spirit world; wounldn't you want to care for and look after those loved ones left behind? Maybe this is what we call "God".

  2. Sounds like a comforting thing to believe.