Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A gutsy book about a milestone criminal case

Jim Rix, the author of Jingle Jangle: The Perfect Crime Turned Inside Out lives in South Lake Tahoe, California, and Neighbors Bookstore there is the first bookstore to display his gutsy book about the Ray Krone case, a milestone in the annals of criminal justice.

The second store to carry the book is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Bull's Head Bookshop, which displays it alongside Sister Helen Prejean's bestselling The Death of Innocents, this year's Summer Reading Program selection for incoming Tar Heel freshmen, who will discuss the book in many concurrent seminars on Monday afternoon, August 20. The jacket of Jingle Jangle proudly displays a blurb from Sister Helen:

A must for readers of true crime and anyone wondering why so many innocent people are convicted in America. The book satisfies from start to finish, from the opening of Ray Krone’s horror story, through the compelling analysis of what went wrong and on to the startling conclusion...

Jingle Jangle is also available directly from from the publisher (, which is currently offering free priority shipping.

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