Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thor's Day: The faith that matters

It's never mentioned in religious tracts

By Morris Dean

The faith that matters to our daily acts,
is never mentioned in religious tracts,
    which only nod
    at faith in God
and never say be faithful to the facts.

Because I was writing the limerick while doing my cardio workout, I wasn't thinking about how fast I was pacing on the elliptical, especially because the limerick seemed so good then. They always do seem better in the throes of creation than they do later in the cold, critical light of objectivity.
    When I opened my eyes and looked at the machine's monitor, I was shocked to see that my heart was beating considerably faster than recommended for someone my age. Because I treasured the limerick, I had the awful image of collapsing on the machine and dying before I could write it down. Being a little familiar with neuroscience, I flashed on the image of a doctor using the latest technology to detect my final thoughts...and rescuing my last limerick for posterity.
    But hoping for that wouldn't have been faithful to the facts we know right now, and I wasn't inclined enough to magical thinking to believe that the limerick would survive any other way than by my living to record it.
Copyright © 2014 by Morris Dean

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  1. I take it you did live as the limerick is in print or did the doctor post this?

    1. Oh, Ye of Too Much Faith and the confusion that comes from not being up on the current development of what is and is not factual! <grin>

  2. I just enlarged the picture and read the toe tag. [Cute]