Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ask Wednesday: Can you hear the trees for the forest?

A delight of wearing hearing instruments while shaving

By Morris Dean

“Don’t take a shower with your new hearing aids,” I was counseled. I took the counsel so seriously that I would even remove the instruments before shaving, because before shaving I had always washed not only my face and neck, but also my forehead, the back of my neck, and behind my hears. Mustn’t douse those instruments!
    Well, the other day I said to myself, Hmm, I don’t necessarily h a v e to wash behind my ears right now – I can skip that part and leave the instruments on.
    I don’t know why I thought this. I’m not lazy. Taking the instruments off and putting them back on has long since become quick and almost effortless. I think I just wanted to hear what shaving sounded like.

    You can see, in the photograph, that I am wearing the instruments.
    What a discovery! As I dragged my razor across my 3-day beard, I seemed to be able to hear the click-click-click of a hundred individual hairs being felled – not the coarse blur of sandpaper that I had become accustomed to hearing. My beard took on a whole new dimension: not a forest, but a collection of trees.
    I slowed my motions, the better to enjoy the felling. Click-click-click, click-click-click....
    Almost finished. Now, just go after that area below the vestibule where it’s so easy to leave a lone hair or two. Click! Yes, I had missed one – one single tree of my beard. Got it!

When you’re my age, and so much has become old hat, it’s nice to rejuvenate a thing or two occasionally.

Copyright © 2015 by Morris Dean

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