Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Christmas in Costa Rica

My personal update

By Ed Rogers

Janie and I had our Christmas yesterday. A total of 16 people came over for BBQ chicken, cornbread dressing, and all the stuff that goes with it. We had 12 yesterday afternoon and 4 at 7:30 last night. Our kitchen is a mess this morning but it was nice to have so many friends come and eat with us.

    Our friend Harvey, who owns the bar where we had been going to go for New Years, is catching a plane to the States tomorrow, “maybe for good, maybe for eight years,” – at our age, eight years is for good. He wants to get out of the country before the government here reopens on January 4...It is an interesting story, one which, when I get time, I will write up.
    The house of a woman down the hill got broken into yesterday afternoon. She said she didn’t have much, but when you have little, everything has more value to you.
    Janie woke me last night at 11:30 and said she thought she heard something out back. I went out with a light but didn’t see anything. Then at 3:30 Del woke me up. I got my light and let her out, and she headed right to the back fence. I ran the light everywhere but saw nothing by then. I went out this morning and checked the area. It looked like someone had tried to get through our neighbor’s back yard. There’s a thick growth of banana trees there that hides that part of the fence. I guess I will be cutting bananas trees today.

    It’s nearly January, which means Morris and I [and André Duvall and Jim Rix] have birthdays coming up.

Copyright © 2015 by Ed Rogers


  1. Thanks Ed. Great pictures and good feelings.

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