Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy Saturday to all the friends of Moristotle & Co.

From the editor:

In our new spirit of spontaneity and relaxation of the rules, we take this moment to greet everyone (from an iPhone without benefit of the formatting tools on a computer).

May you all have a creative and fulfilling day.


  1. Thank you dear Steve, and dear Ed.
        I must say, though, that I don't care for the formatting that was done by the Blogger app. I hadn't logged on to the blog via computer until a few minutes ago, so hadn't seen how the photo was huge and extended out over about half of the width of the sidebar. (I have "corrected" that, but only to the extent of making the photo smaller; my attempt to shove it rightward failed. And it would be a sort of overhaul to change the font. Forget it.)
        So...I don't think I'll post that way again, unless there's an emergency.
        This does mean, however, that the experiment was successful – it disproved the conjecture that posting via the app might be hunky-dory.