Friday, January 1, 2016

Did you do anything sexily spiritual at 12 last night?

Peggy Payne on that sort of thing

Noted by Morris Dean

With novelist Peggy Payne’s kind permission, we recommend her article, “The Sexy Spirituality of New Year’s Traditions,” published yesterday on her blog, Novels of Sex & Spirituality. Excerpt:
This is the night of the year when it’s traditionally important (in this country and Canada, at least) to kiss your love interest as the LCD light flips to 12:00. It supposedly sets the romantic tone for the rest of the year: love or loneliness, etc....
    ...The traditional midnight kiss is thought to go back to Roman celebration of Saturnalia, the mid-winter death of sun and hope for rebirth of spring. This was a time when the world turned upside down, with many roles reversed, cross-dressing allowed, and sexual no-nos less in force....
    ...These days here, the kiss, the champagne, the fireworks and parties are the expected features. However, husband Bob and I plan to open our Christmas presents to each other that night; neither one of us much likes to be told when or how to celebrate. I don’t want to go to a party, but I do want to do something festive. [read more]
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  1. So...did you?

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    1. I think it's only fair that I answer my own question. No, unless something happened in my sleep at that time, but I believe I was sleeping soundly.

  2. Ha! I was sound asleep too, buddy. Shirley and I were able to stay awake until 9 pm to watch the Sydney fireworks because they are three hours ahead of us here in the West, but that was it. Out like a light we were!