Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Leaving Costa Rica

A personal update

By Ed Rogers

I have submitted many “character updates” from Costa Rica over the years. This one, I am sorry to say, will be my last from San Ramon.
    Four years ago, in March of 2012, my darling wife, Janie, followed me on an adventure of a lifetime. We sold what we could, gave away a ton of stuff, and put the rest on a container headed for Costa Rica. We stepped off the airplane in San Jose, Costa Rica and headed to San Ramon – a beautiful little town nestled in the mountains of the Central Valley, 45 minutes from the airport and 45 minutes from the beach. We fell in love with the country and its people. Every day was something new: new foods, new animals, new plants, and incredible new sounds. Those who followed us on Facebook or Moristotle & Co. traveled with us and met some of our friends over the years.
    But, as with all adventures, this one is coming to an end. I always knew it would one day, and when you reach your 70s the need for good medical care becomes more of a factor in your decision-making, overriding options that you might rather take.
    While I thought we would have two or three more years here, it is not to be. Janie has gone through some bad dealings with medical care in Costa Rica; the last go-around with it broke the camel’s back, and we have decided to take leave of this beautiful country and our wonderful friends.
    Would I do it again? Yes. Janie, maybe not; I can’t and won’t speak for her. We are leaving behind people here she will miss and always love – and more than likely never see again. We had fun times and saw things most people never see. However, I didn’t face the medical issues – she did. Nor was I given wrong prescriptions that caused more harm than good – she was. She handled all of it much better than most, but in the end good medical care is something you cannot live without. So now we start on another adventure.
    Here is a video of our last home in Costa Rica:

                                        –Pura Vida

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  1. all the best wishes for you both Ed, enjoyed the adventure

  2. OH wow!! A bitter sweet piece of news guys. I am so sorry to hear this, but certainly understand.