Friday, March 4, 2016


From recent correspondence

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“Rare ‘superbloom’ blankets Death Valley in millions of yellow wildflowers” [Oliver Milman, Guardian, February 25] Excerpt:
Parts of Death Valley, the driest place in North America, have exploded in a riot of color with a rare “superbloom” of millions of wildflowers....
    The unusual spectacle, unofficially dubbed a superbloom, has been triggered by a series of storms in October that brought heavy rainfall to parts of the park, including a burst of 3in of rain in just five hours. Death Valley normally averages just 2in of rain a year. [read more]

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  1. I'd heard about it. Happy to see it. Thanks!

    1. Me happy too! And I hadn't even heard of it before seeing the article a correspondent sent me the link to.