Tuesday, October 18, 2016


By Moristotle

When I prepared this morning to do my stretching exercises, I first lay quietly on my back and clasped my hands on my chest. Immediately came to mind an image of monastic life, of withdrawal from the hurly burly of life to a quiet sanctuary. As I enjoyed the peace of the moment, I discovered in my own respite a new sympathy for individuals who would seek such shelter. I was understanding for the first time that Wordsworth's "world too much with us; late and soon" had brought my own self to a point of wishing such quiet refuge as a monk.

Copyright © 2016 by Moristotle


  1. I can see you as a monk----Rasputin. (joke)

    1. That is funny Ed, but judging by this photo of Mr. Rasputin, I'd say he favors you a bit more than he favors me!

  2. And yet the Countesses loved him.