Tuesday, October 25, 2016

To whomsoever it may pertain

By Moristotle

[Author’s Note: Yesterday, while writing the letter below, I had no thought of publishing it, but only of helping the person who had asked me to consider writing a needed letter of recommendation. However, my muse’s insistence this morning that I share it with everyone makes me think now that that was probably her idea all along.]

From the desk of Morris Dean, Editor in Chief

October 24, 2016

To Whomsoever It May Pertain:

I write on behalf of Mr. James Jerome Knudsen, to recommend him in virtually any honorable enterprise imaginable.
    James Knudsen is very well known to me, from his earliest childhood in Tulare, California, rife with curiosity and experiment, to his present upstanding adulthood. The first trait of this exemplary human being that comes to mind to recommend to you, or to anyone looking for reliability, is his punctual, never-disappointing observance of production schedules. James Knudsen has never in my experience failed to come in on time.
    But, having mentioned that one, I’m puzzled that I didn’t think of an even more valuable trait before it: the quality of James’s productions. The perfection of what he produces would compel me to forgive him for being a day late if he ever happened to be a day late.
    Thinking now of the day-to-day workings of a large staff such as we enjoy here at Moristotle & Co., I remember James’s unfailing courtesy and diplomatic dealing with his colleagues. He is a gentleman of an order you might have thought its time had passed. And he doesn’t achieve courtesy and diplomacy by holding back truths or ideas that others might not be ready to hear, but has a way of presenting them that rarely fails to disarm resistance and open minds to consider – an ability so often absent in today’s contentious world.
    In conclusion, a word about those ideas that I mentioned James offers: James is one of the most well-informed, creative individuals I am honored to be associated with. If you should decide to employ his services, you could be disappointed only if you had hoped for mediocrity on the low end or absolute sainthood on the high – for all his extraordinary talent, James is still a mortal man.

All the best to you,

Copyright © 2016 by Moristotle


  1. Wish I had a business, I'd hire him solely based on this letter!

  2. Fortunately, James's prospects are fabulous!

  3. One of my favorite things ever is to write a letter of recommendation for a recommendable person. But please don't inundate me now with requests....

  4. Actually, I want to encourage everyone to inundate our editor with requests. But let's make it interesting. It is that time of year when businesses are hiring for the holidays, so if you're thinking about making a little extra Christmas cash as a mall Santa, or one of his little helpers, I WANT to read how Morris frames that. :) And once again, thank you.

  5. Okay, then: PLEASE, someone, undertake to apply for service as a mall Santa and plead with me to write you a job-clinching letter of recommendation. But remember, if you are offered the job, you are bound to perform!