Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Trump sex scandal & spirituality

Edited by Moristotle

Novelist blogger Peggy Payne pointed out yesterday something else that Donald Trump has sullied besides the level of our political debate. “Among his other sins, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is using a previously-respected political position to tar the reputation of the, at best, sacred and ecstatic act of sex.” (“Spirituality, Lust, Trump Sex Scandal,” Peggy Payne: Novels of Sex & Spirituality)
    The sacred and ecstatic act of sex? Yep, that’s what the lady said.
He is also making lust look bad. I don’t believe lust is bad. It’s desire for sex: it’s a part of how we’re built.
    I also don’t believe that a lot of the other office-holders who are so horrified by his predatory talk on the leaked tape — the Trump sex scandal — are horrified by anything but his having said this stuff out loud in such crude terms while also being an adult....
    While I doubt the sincerity of some of the public horror announced by those whose own political careers are threatened, I’m disturbed and upset by the idea that anyone could now vote for this man.
    No doubt somewhere deep inside him is a good and wounded heart, whether he knows it or not. I won’t let myself believe otherwise about anyone.
    But that’s not enough. He — the man he is now — is making America and love and lust look bad; he is poised to do far far worse. [read more]
By permission of Peggy Payne

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