Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thunder Down Under: Sophie & Amelia’s birthday party

Colors of a rainbow

By Vic Midyett

Last weekend, Sophie & Amelia, the two girls next door who were featured in a painting by Shirley a couple of months ago, celebrated their 3rd & 6th birthdays, respectively. (Their birth dates are close.)
    Their mom made all the eats, including the multi-layered sponge cake and the white-chocolate unicorn.

    To create the unicorn, Mom borrowed a neighbor’s plastic horse, which consisted of two opposite halves joined lengthwise. She “painted” warmed-up white chocolate into the hollow halves, let them cool, and then let them fall out. She melted the edges enough to join the halves together, and there it was! Mom is an engineer, and obviously has culinary talents too.
    She got another idea at the last minute, as she was about to make the icing tail and mane: She could fill the unicorn with M&M’s! To accomplish this, she poked a hole in the horse’s bum just big enough to introduce the candies, and then she placed the icing tail over it.
    The unicorn’s horn was a heated lollypop that Mom shaped by rolling it between her hands, and twisting as it cooled. Then she held the larger end over a candle to melt it a little so it would stick to the horse’s head. So creative!

Before the guests arrive, all is quiet:
Note the 6-color layered jello in those glasses
on the table – the party theme was rainbows

The first guests arrive.
Mom is in the blue stripes, and Dad, who is an airline pilot,
is in the white T-shirt (and seems to be wondering what I’m doing with a camera)

More guests arrive, even more than are shown here; others are around the corner out of sight.

“Happy Birthday” time, with cake-cutting and unicorn-smashing! All the kids screamed with excitement when Mom broke the unicorn and M&M’s fell out!

Copyright © 2017 by Vic Midyett


  1. I failed to mention a highly technical part of the Unicorn building process. When the plastic mold cooled and the horse came out of the two halves, it was quite rough and bumpy in appearance. After sticking them together, Tina shaved the white icing smooth with a potato peeler! ha! Don't ya love it.

  2. Vic, thanks for adding that engineering tidbit!

  3. love the engineering of the baking, i bake...but nothing like that!