Saturday, April 21, 2007

“Alea jacta est” (not)

“Alea jacta est,” said Caesar at the moment of crossing the Rubicon. And I almost crossed my own Rubicon this morning. In fact, I did cross for a few minutes, but turned back. Turned back and unposted the item I’d posted minutes before. The die was, in the end, not cast.

What happened was that I’d forgotten recently the path I’m on in life (and had come to share on this blog)—a path of self-discovery. I had unfortunately tarried away from discovering positions to consider awhile before moving on, and started to argue for them and, dangerously, to argue against the positions of others.

So...right, you’ve guessed it, I started out the day posting something stupid for a few minutes. (And not only stupid, but hurtful. In the few minutes the item was up—I learned hours later—it was read by the good friend I'd failed to respect.)

Now I’ve apologized and asked to be forgiven and I’m hoping to regain my path and get back in my friend’s good graces. As someone has wisely said, it’s not sufficient to talk about using your freedom wisely. You have to...use it wisely.

Enough said.

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