Sunday, April 22, 2007

Freer today, both from and to

As a direct and immediate result of my return last night to my avowed path of self-discovery, I feel freer this morning. Freer both from and to.

Freer from the danger of walling myself in when trying to fortify a current position...from hurting people who don't share my position...from hurting myself by hurting them.

Freer to appreciate and learn from explore more discover better points of approach the enjoy my freedom.

For realizing I'd lost my way...I praise.
For renewed toleration and respect for others...I praise.
For the renewed sense of my own freedom, and the freedom of others...I praise.


  1. Have you ever read 'The Outsider' by Albert Camus or 'Zorba The Greek' by Nikos Kazantzakis or any of Jean-Paul Sartre's books?

    The more they wrote on their notion of freedom, the less free they were.

  2. Ah, is that then how you read those authors? Is it your judgment that they became less free, or did each observe that it had happened to him? I don't recall any of them saying any such thing. But it has been many years since I've read these authors (except to revisit the opening of Camus's L’Étranger a few months ago).

    But why are you telling me this? Do you predict that I'm in the process of becoming less free? How presumptuous of you.