Monday, April 16, 2007

God morally neutral?

A response1 to yesterday's post, "Morally Superior to God?" has it that
Maybe good is in the eye of the beholder. I kill in the name of God; so that is good. I don't kill in the name of God; so that is good. Are the sins listed by man of any concern to God? Does he really care if two men marry? Or a bomb kills twenty people? If it's true, that a better life awaits after death; wouldn't God think us silly to cry about dying?
Far be it from me to say what God might think silly, but the extreme relativism of "good in the eye of the beholder" amounts to moral neutrality, or amorality. Since the paradox of God's freedom leads to everything's being required, it would seem that God must be morally neutral, or amoral.

Which of course implies that it is logically impossible for man to be "morally superior to God." But, in any case, our motivation for doing good should not be to compare favorably with God, any more than we can act truly morally out of a fear of God's punishment.
  1. Thank you, Ed, for helping me find the logic of God's apparent amorality.

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