Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ask Wednesday: Why announce no column today?

Well, it's like this

By Morris Dean

A few days ago, I was talking with Susan C. Price about scheduling her upcoming "Ask Susan" columns, of which I have four ready to go. I told her I didn't have anything else for "Ask Wednesday" right now, so I guessed I'd just run those four starting today for four consecutive Wednesdays. No problem...except that I hated to just use 'em all up all that, especially since we don't have any additional questions in stock for her. (You could help with that, you know.)
    But the moment I told Susan my plan, I felt embarrassed. One of her recent questions for "Ask Susan" (May 14) was from me – about getting over my compulsion (or whatever it is) to publish everyday. You may have read it: "In Moristotle's time of retirement crisis."
    So then I told her that, no, I just wouldn't publish a column today, out of respect for her (and her brother Jonathan's) teaching me that it was okay to skip a day now and them. (Jon even assured me that I could skip two or three days a week regularly, and nothing bad would happen.)
    And that is why there's no column today – just this thank-you to my friends the Siblings Price.

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  1. In some ways this non-column is a column. Not publishing a column means you don't need to say you're sorry---you say nothing. But a good try, I'm sure there is hope for you.(smiley face here)

    1. Well, Ed, as I emailed Susan this morning: "I had fun last night writing today's 'announcement of no column today,' doing double duty in thanking you and Jon at the same time as parodying my supposed compulsion." It's all fun.