Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Voice: Posthumously speaking 2

European Cityscape (detail)
Paintings out of longing

By Mary Alice Condley (1925-2007)

[Editor's Note: The three paintings shown today are in the collections of the artist's grandson Stephen Denham & granddaughter Jo Condley Snyder. We thank them for permission to use them.
    Four paintings in the collections of granddaughter Dianne Condley Kapigian and great granddaughter Rayanne Kapigian were shown on July 15.

Jo's favorite: "Grandma painted it just for me" (8x10)

Jo: "I forgot I had this one! Beautiful" (11.5x16)

European Cityscape (12x16)
Stephen: "I asked Grandma about this painting because
it was so different from what she normally painted.
She said she wanted to try something different.
I think a picture in Reader's Digest inspired it.
I have always loved it because she wanted to travel."

Copyright © 2014 by Morris Dean


  1. Three more haunting paintings from my sister Mary Condley, including a close-up of wet pavement in shadows - extraordinary!

  2. They look wonderful ! Our dear, sweet & talented Mary, how we all miss her !!!

  3. of course, its the "different" one i like the best...but the memory of her is really the best..i bet

  4. These images are brilliant! The cityscape is riveting.