Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thirst Satyrday for Eros: Visual images

How are they erotic?

By Susan C. Price

I don't personally see any of my drawings as erotic, they are just about the shapes and light and dark and what I can see. Well, when a model is facing their crotch to me, I draw what I can see. We rarely get male models, unfortunately.

[Editor's Note: Our new monthly column on the theme of Eros has been coming for several weeks, to burst forth today under a skilled hand. Thank you, Susan, for initiating us, even if you don't consider the drawings shown here today to be erotic. Perhaps some of our readers will think them erotic...and maybe some of them will let us know why.
    The link between Greek mythology's satyrs (similar to minotaurs and centaurs) and Eros (the Greek god of love) may not be strong, but it's there. It's stronger than the tie between a satyr and the Greek god Saturn, who gives us the name of this day of the week, and we're making use of that link as well. It'll be an inventive column.

Copyright © 2014 by Susan C. Price & Morris Dean


  1. It has come! It is here! Our first "Thirst Satyrday for Eros" column! Thanks, Susan!

  2. Susan, I would say your drawings are more enticing than erotic.(smile)

  3. Ah, the pleasures, challenges and frustrations of "Life Drawing" classes. Susan has a command of line and mass that I can only aspire toward. Coming from small town art courses, to the "distractions" of an art school class opened, for a male student, a world of mystery...

  4. Nice sketches. Reminds me to this:

  5. Sexual arousal occurs in the brain. A drawing or photo will trigger it if there's enough "information" in the image to allow the viewer to project himself or herself into it. Of course the threshold will vary from person to person. In my case, I need more from Susan's drawings. A smile, a dab of color, another curve, a pair of dark eyes—something more.

  6. I truly don't understand the purpose of this type of drawings, they are certainly not pleasant to look at, and they certainly don't turn me on, they actually are a little sickening to look at.