Monday, February 22, 2016

A moment in my life as a sales rep

By Penelope Griffiths

I currently work for a medical devices company. The therapy areas are wound care and urology-continence, both of which I’ve had personal experience with, as well as training as a nurse and midwife.
    So what started out as a normal sales day in Wales a week or so ago soon proved a challenge for me to avoid being banned or even sued by one of the biggest health boards in Wales.
    Anyways, I went to my first appointment of the day and all went well. I engaged with the customer and could see she was sold over to my products. And then it happened. Did I mention that we were experiencing a nasty storm called Imogen? Rain, lightning, and gales with winds in excess of 75 mph. [“Power being restored after Storm Imogen hits England and Wales,” BBC News, February 9]
    Well, just as I got up to shake her hand and leave, there was an almighty BANG, the lights went out for a few seconds (her office had no windows), and when they came back on my hand had totally missed hers and was resting firmly on her ample bosom.
    I don’t know whose face was redder, mine upon seeing where my hand had landed, or hers as she carefully picked it up and removed it.
    Thank goodness, she seemed to see the funny side and just walked me out to the front door of the building, where, despite the horrendous rain, I swiftly but calmly said my farewell then ran through the storm to hide in my car.
    But I could clearly hear her laughing loudly as she closed the door.

Copyright © 2016 by Penelope Griffiths


  1. Penelope, it sounds as though you didn't say anything specifically about the placement of your hand when the lights came back on, like "OMG! So sorry about that!" or "I was so shocked by the lights going out, I had NO IDEA where my hand was resting!" DID you say anything like that (or like something else) and just not report it here?

  2. Trust me, the look on my face said a thousand words that didn't need to be said and she likewise! When an embarrassing action like that takes place we Brits just turn the other cheek and bury it out if sight.

  3. Penny, could you use, say, 50 words to describe the look on your customer's face when the power came back on...? You actually SAW her face, while only imagining your own. Thanks!