Sunday, February 14, 2016

Welcome Penelope Griffiths to our staff

From over the Pond

By Morris Dean

For the too-short time we have been privileged to know Penelope Griffiths, my wife and I have always enjoyed visits from our next-door neighbor’s mum from Wales. We look forward to her trips here “from over the Pond,” and we miss her after she flies back.
    So I was delighted when she took me up on my request that she
write me a humorous, psychologically / sociologically / politically insightful essay for publication under your byline on Moristotle & Co. I have long felt that it needs a Welsh correspondent. Consider this an invitation to join the staff and be listed in the sidebar. Your first article need not be about the American presidential campaigns, but we’re open to your writing about that. Or anything else.
    Donald Trump was her choice to unload on (“To dump or to trump: That is the question”).
    And she agreed to join the staff: “I thought about it for all of a nanosecond cos as you know I have so many opinions I would be honoured to join!”
    We’re honored, and much pleased.

Copyright © 2016 by Morris Dean

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