Friday, February 19, 2016

Australians shaken by Donald Trump

He’s the thickest

By Vic Midyett

Bunbury, Western Australia has a wholesale/retail shop on the boardwalk overlooking the harbor that sells homemade candy and ice cream. A friend of mine sent me this picture he took Sunday of the shop’s sandwich board, which usually advertises what candy the shop is making that day to alert people that they may observe the process if they wish. My friend didn’t say whether the shop displayed any images of Donald Trump – or just left his image to the imagination of its customers.
The Donald looking characteristically trumped

When it comes to Donald Trump, I think the only reason he has gotten so many followers is because of the stalemate between the Democrats and the Republicans, who cannot seem to get together and do their jobs “by and for the People.” The public have been crying out for years for them to “compromise and get on with it” as they were elected to do. The politicians have done little, but been paid regardless. Any of us would have been fired long ago.

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  1. Vic, you will remember, I hope, to give us your personal assessment of the Trump Thickshake if you go have one the next time you're in Bunbury.

  2. Cannot be done unfortunately. Being diabetic is my stopper. And I have no desire to diverge from the personal care for myself for anything Trump. ha!

  3. Vic, I see paralles with the pollies in our country

    1. Bear, you're referring to Australia, right? Please spell out the parallels you see. Thanks!