Wednesday, April 5, 2017

As the World Turns: It’s the end, my friend

By Ed Rogers

It was the summer of 2021 when the ice cap covering Greenland broke apart and slid into the ocean. The tidal wave was thirty feet high. It wiped out everything on the East Coast of North America, from Canada to South America. Millions died along the US coastline, and Florida was gone. Along the gulf, there were mass evacuations.
    On the other side of the ocean, Iceland, Norway, and every person and town from there to Morocco were hit by the wave. Those who were not killed within that first twenty-four hours were running for high ground.
    No one could say when the rising water was going to stop – they could only move away from it as fast as they could. People were involved in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow.
    As the tidal wave raced south destroying the Caribbean Islands, it lost much of its power and became more of a flood issue. While the cities in Central and South America missed the damage from the strong wave, they had to abandon their coastlines because of the increasing water level. If you couldn’t get to a mountain range you were in trouble. Death was moving like a train, covering all of the land up to a thousand feet above normal. For most, the end of the world was in sight.

While governments were trying to save as many people as they could, something was happening north of Greenland also. The wave had hit the Arctic ice like a sledgehammer, sending cracks out in every direction. The ice cap shattered like glass, but no one noticed until it was too late.
    The ice, along with another tidal wave two, maybe three times the size of the Greenland wave began rampaging across the earth, killing everything in its path. Russia was hit from two sides. The wave burst into the Pacific Ocean and moved down the coastlines of both Asia and North America. This time no one was spared.
    Communications have been limited, so we have no idea how many have died. I am with a team of fifty aboard the research vessel “Morning Light”; we are on a three-year mission to locate and map the pockets of whatever other humans may have survived.

Copyright © 2017 by Ed Rogers

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