Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

If you were alive today....

By Moristotle

If you were alive today, William Shakespeare, how would you treat Donald Trump? Would you tend toward tragedy, or farce?
Donald Trump’s intelligence is wussy,
Putin-aspiration turned him Russie;
    when called to ​’count, he​’ll tweet,
    he​’ll blame, he won​’t retreat –
unless to private room to grab your pussy.
Bill O’Reilly, like Donald Trump, ’sa fraud;
rejects all women’s claims he did maraud
    their bosom or their ass,
    or called to hint, harass;
denies he wielded power to try a broad.

Copyright © 2017 by Moristotle


  1. This is in no way a defense of men in the work place or anywhere else but looking back on things I have witnessed in my life, I'm not so sure all the blame should be placed on the men. There have been a lot of women over the years that have used sex to advance in business. Other woman have seen and hated these woman for what they were doing and rightfully so. However, from the casting couch, to the board room, a few woman set a standard for advancement, that all woman have paid for over the years. It created a mind set in men's mind that it was just how things were done. i have seen good looking woman advanced over me and other woman. Some of the woman overlooked were more qualified than me or the other woman. Woman are standing up now, but only at Fox News. You can't tell me that in boardrooms across the country today there are not woman still playing the same old game. Until women stop using sex to advance there will always be men in power that are willing to take advantage. And, there will be women caught in the crossfire who are unwilling victims.

  2. Lovely poem Morris! It feels more like Byron than Shakespeare, but who better to speak to the sins of our time. Well done!

    1. Ha, Eric, I did not presume to put words in Shakespeare's mouth (or in Byron's either, for that matter), but I appreciate the comparison to Byron. No, I had been harboring those two verses for several days (several weeks in the case of the first) and exploited the occasion of Master Shakespeare's birthday as a pretext to publish them. Thank you!

  3. I approve your phrase ”grab your pussy” for the generalized reader, which includes men, in presuming them, too, to have a pussy. Yes! – in the sense in which everyone, including men, can show their solidarity with women against pussy grabbers like Trump in the same way they supported the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by declaring ”Je suis Charlie!” after it was attacked by Islamist terrorists. To show their support for women against men like Trump & O’Reilly, they may declare, ”J’ai un vagin!” or “J’ai la vulve!”