Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Remembering April 4, 2014

It started with “More about creativity”

By Moristotle

Thanks to Sharon Stoner for reminding us today, by commenting, of a “Fish for Friday” column published exactly three years ago today (when April 4 was a Friday). She made this comment:
I’ve often wondered if when I die will there be anyone left who knew me. Without friends all that is left is, alone!
    Reading the column again myself brought back memories, some happy, others sad – for example, our friend Jack Cover had died four days earlier, on Monday.
    Appropriately, the “Limerick of the Week” (we had a limerick of the week in those days), was about an aspect of mortality, and our friend Ed Rogers thought it was pretty good – or at least better than the ones I had written recently. Finding it hard to be critical of my own creations, I of course think it’s good enough to publish again:

Limerick of the Week:
There’s a difference between someone (or I),
someday, cause unforeseen, going to die
    and our having something
    that will soon be bumping
us off: That something gives us reason why.
    You know that Sharon had a reason for commenting as she did. Let’s keep her in our minds for the rest of today, and think of her often in the future.

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