Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thunder Down Under: Annual Arts Festival in Fremantle

That’s Shirley facing the camera
By Vic Midyett

Fremantle has just had its annual Arts Festival. The streets were closed off to vehicle traffic, and people spilled out of micro breweries, cafes, etc. onto the streets.

Different styles of music could be found all over. There were two small brass and drum bands, one playing Mardi Gras type music, another jazz (the band in the black-&-blue attire).

    My favorite musician was a solo man from Brazil on an amplified acoustic guitar who played exciting pieces from Mexico, Spain, Italy, Peru, and other countries. His fingers flew! I loved it.

And the different foods! Whoa!

    In the next picture are two frying pans about 4' in diameter. The chef told me they have two bigger ones, 8' and 9' in diameter, that they use for weddings, etc.

    Oh, the cargo ship just happened to be entering when we got to the docks.

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