Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fourth Saturday's Loneliest Liberal: In memoriam Elaine Stritch

Wishing to be her

By James Knudsen

Lost in the media frenzy following the loss of Malaysian Airlines, Flight 17, was the news that the world of theatre had lost one of its true greats. Elaine Stritch died July 17, 2014 at her home in Birmingham, Michigan. She was 89.
    Of all the 1000’s of live performances Stritch gave – plays, revues, cabarets, and of course musicals, I only saw her once. It was at the Hollywood Bowl in 2005 where Ms. Stritch along with many others were celebrating the 75th birthday of Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim. It was quite a line-up. Angela Lansbury, known to Sondheim fans for her portrayal of Mrs. Lovett in the show Sweeney Todd, joined her former co-star Len Cariou to perform the song “A Little Priest.” Barbara Cook joined Josh Groban on the song “Move On” from Sunday in the Park With George. Little did I know that the quintessential Grobanite would be a part of my life five years later. And Audra McDonald performed a medley of “What Can You Lose” from the movie Dick Tracy and “Not a Day Goes By” from the musical Merrily We Roll Along. In the years since, I’ve recalled McDonald’s performance to people and said that she single-handedly raised the show several notches that night through sheer force of her performance.

But Stritch was someone very special to Sondheim fans. She was best remembered for originating the role of Joanne in the 1970 musical Company and putting her stamp – her brand – on the song, “The Ladies Who Lunch.” Having made her way onto the stage that July evening in ’05, she launched into her rendition of “Broadway Baby.” The song is from the musical Follies, which looks at the lives of a group of former showgirls and their spouses upon their return to the now defunct and decrepit theatre where they performed in their youth. The words are those of an ingenue. But, the song is sung by a woman in her sixties. That July night Stritch was 80. Still, on that night, she was the bright-eyed, naïve, hopeful looking for her big break. And then in an instant she was the Broadway legend showing you every scar, every disappointment, every triumph now years in the past. How does one do that with one word?
I’m just a
Broadway Baby.
Walking off my tired feet.
Pounding Forty-Second Street
To be in a show.
Oh, how she would flex her knees, digging into the opening lines of the verse and then, like it was a prayer, “Oh.”
    “Please, just one more show.”
    “Oh, God, this life is gonna kill me, but it’s all I know.”
    “Ooooh, bet he’s sorry he broke up with me now.”
    It’s remarkable the things you can hear in one word, when it’s sung by Elaine Stritch.
    As I watched and listened, I realized that she was telling us, the audience, the world, the universe, that up there on that stage was the only place she really felt at home. And that’s not an exaggeration. From 2005 until last year, when she relocated to Michigan, she lived at the Carlyle Hotel and for a time performed downstairs at the Cafe Carlyle. What a great commute. And what a show business stereotype, yet completely honest. Apt words for her one-woman show.

In 2001, at the age of 76, she embarked on her autobiographical show, Elaine Stritch at Liberty. She performed in a man’s white dress shirt, pumps, and tights. Whatever her costume failed to reveal, the show filled in. She spared no one, least of all herself. Her decades-long struggle with alcohol received special attention. But, instead of the usual, “Oh, what a horrible person I was when I drank,” she owned her past foibles. She celebrated them. Heck, at one point she bragged about being the one person to out-drink Judy Garland. It was Garland who finally said, “Good night,” at eight in the morning.

In looking at the clips of her that are now available via the internet, an image kept appearing: Elaine Stritch, defiant. A performance in front of an audience usually began with her standing perfectly still, staring at the audience with the look of a predator – or its prey – waiting for the applause to die down. And then, at some point during a song, there it would be, defiance. Her hands, gnarled with age, would clench into fists and shake with rage, fury, desperation, and joy. Demanding that we listen. Defying us not to.

“Yeah, You wish You were me”
[More images of Elaine Stritch]

Copyright © 2014 by James Knudsen


  1. Bravo James. The best obit of the many. For a memorable lady of the theater, who gave me much pleasure over the years.

  2. thank you james, and i was there also at the Hollywood Bowl and we saw her at the Carlyle (always wishing Mr Bobby Short could be there again also) i have a painting that might be an homage. to ms s..we shall see

  3. What a wonderful review! I know the name Elaine Stritch, but don't remember ever hearing her sing. She acted in movies, too, didn't she? 

    1. Patsy, I find in IMDb quite a long list (76) of movies Ms. Stritch appeared in as an actress.

    2. Here's the first half of the list (as much of it as will fit):

      2014 River of Fundament

      2007-2012 30 Rock (TV Series)
      Colleen Donaghy
      - My Whole Life Is Thunder (2012) ... Colleen Donaghy
      - Meet the Woggels! (2012) ... Colleen Donaghy
      - Christmas Attack Zone (2010) ... Colleen Donaghy
      - The Moms (2010) ... Colleen Donaghy
      - The Natural Order (2009) ... Colleen Donaghy

      2012 ParaNorman
      Grandma (voice)

      2005 Romance & Cigarettes
      Nick's Mother

      2005 Monster-in-Law

      2004/I Paradise (TV Movie)

      2003 Life's a Bitch (TV Series)

      1997-2001 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV Series)
      Martha Albright
      - My Mother, My Dick (2001) ... Martha Albright
      - Dick-In-Law (1997) ... Martha Albright

      2000 Autumn in New York

      2000 Small Time Crooks
      Chi Chi Potter

      2000 Screwed
      Miss Crock

      2000 EGG, the Arts Show (TV Series)
      - Kiss and Tell
      - A Day at the Met ... Narrator

      1998 Oz (TV Series)
      Judge Grace Lema
      - Losing Your Appeal (1998) ... Judge Grace Lema

      1998 An Unexpected Life (TV Movie)
      Lucinda Sadwich

      1998 Soul Man (TV Series)
      Mrs. Foster
      - Grabbed by an Angel (1998) ... Mrs. Foster

      1998 Krippendorf's Tribe
      Irene Hargrove

      1997 Out to Sea
      Mavis LaBreche

      1992-1997 Law & Order (TV Series)
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      1989-1990 The Cosby Show (TV Series)
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      Show all 13 episodes

      1986 Stranded (TV Movie)

      1983 Trapper John, M.D. (TV Series)
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    3. And the second:

      1979-1980 Tales of the Unexpected (TV Series)
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      1975-1979 Two's Company (TV Series)
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      Show all 29 episodes

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  4. Thank you, James!! Theatrical shows and musicals, movies, songs - Elaine Stritch did them all, and for many, many years. James Knudsen lovingly remembers.