Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Voice: Posthumously speaking 1

Painted from an unknown scene in an art book (8" x 10")
Paintings from life

By Mary Alice Condley (1925-2007)

[Editor's Note: Three of the paintings shown today are in the collection of the artist's granddaughter Dianne Condley Kapigian, and one is in her great granddaughter Rayanne Kapigian's collection. We thank mother & daughter for permission to use them.
    Mary Alice Condley was the eldest sister of the editor.

Unique for "M. Condley" signature on the mailbox (16" x 20")
(in Rayanne's collection)

Dianne's absolute favorite: she and her grandmother on a walk;
"Grandma Mary and I took many walks together when I was young"
(8" x 10 ")

This one hung over the hutch in Mary's dining room;
it now hangs in Dianne's kitchen and brings back memories
of the delicious food her grandmother served (13" x 25")
Copyright © 2014 by Morris Dean

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  1. Mary Alice Condley died seven years ago, but her paintings, and the memories they inspire, live on.

  2. She was a very good painter. It is nice to have something of beauty to remember a person.

  3. I like the variations on the theme of the path the first three paintings. In the 2nd painting parallel tire tracks seem to stand in place of the human companionship of the other two.